Autumn is here!!

Autumn is here

The days are getting colder and nights are soon dark. A sure sign that Autumn is upon us.

This time of year is a perfect opportunity to get outside with your little ones and explore the vivid colours and exciting changes going on in nature. It also gives you the chance to gather an interesting, varied collection of goodies to bring home.

An Array of Goodies…

Conkers and chestnuts, Twigs, Fallen leaves-different sizes, shapes, colours and textures, Sycamore seeds & Pine cones.

Gathering your collection from the park, walking home from nursery or a weekend trip to the forest there are a variety of activities which these items can be used for-leaf printing, conker caterpillars, counting and sorting games. In addition, these items can also be a great source of inspiration  – All you need to do as parents/carers is facilitate these activities.

If you don’t have access to a park or unable to get outside you can still enjoy Autumn theme’d activities with your child using a few autumn coloured paints, tissue paper, and glue. Let your child create what they see using these resources….

Have a lovely Autumn and be creative….

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